Wednesday, March 5, 2014


My dad cooked today. He prepared "cakoi" as an attempt for him to start his small business.

My dad  : "Takpe, I know how to make it...." (my mum offered to help)
My mum : "Yelah"

Once they (cakoi) were ready and served;

My mum : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...Macam biskut lutut but a bit soft.
My dad  : "Yelah"

Some of the "cakoi" were a bit deformed and out of shape - my mum acted out like a ninja, and pretended that the "cakoi" was a ninja star and she even pretended that they were x-ray goggle.

All this happen at the dinner table.

My dad's reaction - he burst out laughing as well.

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