Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Blues

I sent my sister to work today because I made plan to study at the library, before meeting my client late this evening. Unfortunately,I realized that I didn't bring my ID badge.  I called home, and asked my mum if she seen my badge;

Naz  : "Mak, nampak badge upm orang tak?"
Mak : "Ada..kan mak dah cakap...nag..nag..nag....nag...nag...nag"
Naz  : "Ok, bye"

After the conversation, I decided to go back home and take my ID badge. I know that my mum is going to make a big fuss of my absent mindedness. I knocked on the door, and my mum opened it. She has the "I told you to check" stare, and out of the blue...

Mak  : "Bang!Bang!Bang! (along with her hand gesture mimicking a gun)
Naz   : (Gave my mum a blur look) then aduh! kena tembak!!!!!!!

We looked at each other then burst out laughing. - The weirdest Monday blues ever. 


  1. I so dig your mom's sense of humour and i love it that you indulge her :D

  2. Haha, my mum does drive me nuts sometimes, but when she is a bit nutty, it is kinda fun.... :p