Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The value of our education

A friend of mine posted this statement on her facebook, it seems if there is no allowances, what is the use of teaching our students English the way they should be taught. I don't have any experience teaching in school, I respect the struggle that teachers have to go through just to impart knowledge. However it is saddening if the value of our education is as much as the allowances that you received. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014


I went swimming just now, managed to improve my techniques, strokes and momentum, however I forgot one thing, to actually breath for air. *facepalm*

The Sound of Crickets

Met someone online, chatted for a few days, then a request for my pictures, I shared.... then "The Sound of Cricket". *Sigh*

It has been a while...

Celebrated my 34th Birthday two weeks ago and this time my family organized a BBQ with firework and all. I am glad with my choice of not telling my parents and my siblings that I am gay. Many people said that telling them would make my life easier, however my life is a smooth flow right now, it just that I can't share with them if I am in love or if my heart is broken. That is the downfall of my choice, I am not regretting it. My family is giving me the space I want, they don't even question if I go out with someone or what am I up to when I am far from them, it just that, once in a while, I just have to be home, to spend time with them. Home is where the heart is...... (",)

Christina Perri - Human [Official Video]