Friday, March 28, 2014

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I just got smack back to reality. seems I am losing control of everything, my study and my work. The demand from my client is overwhelming, and the expectation of my lecturer is weighing hard on me. I need to sit back and start planning, dates & datelines, schedule and all. I need to sacrifice something.


My dad cooked today. He prepared "cakoi" as an attempt for him to start his small business.

My dad  : "Takpe, I know how to make it...." (my mum offered to help)
My mum : "Yelah"

Once they (cakoi) were ready and served;

My mum : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...Macam biskut lutut but a bit soft.
My dad  : "Yelah"

Some of the "cakoi" were a bit deformed and out of shape - my mum acted out like a ninja, and pretended that the "cakoi" was a ninja star and she even pretended that they were x-ray goggle.

All this happen at the dinner table.

My dad's reaction - he burst out laughing as well.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Why it is so hard....

What am I doing up so late? Because I have a presentation that need to be completed and presented in class (I am not so ready). Since last week I have been in N9, despite my mum's cooking keeping me occupied, I end up becoming so lazy and anti social again. Just sitting in front of my laptop contemplating which work to be completed first. 
However this is not the reason for me writing this entry; the reason is to seek answer for the question, "Why is it so hard for someone to give me a straight answer?" I guess the concept "menjaga hati' is still at play or, just a game of hard to get. I have been trying to get a date for an event this Saturday, not for any devious reason, just to keep me company when driving, and so that I have someone to talk to if I find myself in an awkward situation (I have issue of not being everyone's cup of tea or I would just play dumb and let people make fun of me), yet a YES is far from reality. *Sigh*

I know I should not be sighing because of this and focus on work, like the cover photo on my facebook stated;


Monday, March 3, 2014

Fire!Fire! Burning Bright


It occurred this morning. 
I even can feel the intense heat of the fire as I passed by.

Monday Blues

I sent my sister to work today because I made plan to study at the library, before meeting my client late this evening. Unfortunately,I realized that I didn't bring my ID badge.  I called home, and asked my mum if she seen my badge;

Naz  : "Mak, nampak badge upm orang tak?"
Mak : "Ada..kan mak dah cakap...nag..nag..nag....nag...nag...nag"
Naz  : "Ok, bye"

After the conversation, I decided to go back home and take my ID badge. I know that my mum is going to make a big fuss of my absent mindedness. I knocked on the door, and my mum opened it. She has the "I told you to check" stare, and out of the blue...

Mak  : "Bang!Bang!Bang! (along with her hand gesture mimicking a gun)
Naz   : (Gave my mum a blur look) then aduh! kena tembak!!!!!!!

We looked at each other then burst out laughing. - The weirdest Monday blues ever. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Scratch Head

Now on Saturday, I would be involved in teaching children from an English Enrichment Community Centre. Yesterday was my second class, I love lecturing young adults, but teaching young children is a whole different thing. I gave them an activity of looking for hidden objects (a book I bought from MPH), I end up explaining to them what the objects were. 

Children : Teacher! Teacher! What is a windmill?
Teacher : It looks like a big giant fan.
Children : (Confuse look) Apa tu?
Teacher : Kincir Angin
Children : (Confuse look) Apa tu? Ala teacher, kitaorang jarang keluar rumah.....

In the end, I showed them most of the answers. *scratch head*