Saturday, April 5, 2014


I have been sick for almost a week, not almost, I think more than a week since last Thursday. I was having trouble sleeping and was burning up every night. I even played badminton, so that I could sweat out. Unfortunately, I got worst. On Sunday, I dragged my feet and drove myself to the clinic, the doctor gave me medication which causes drowsiness, and it was not helping because I wasn't able to do anything but just to sleep the whole day. Day by day, my cough was getting worst, I lost my appetite to eat, and I wasn't able to concentrate on work and even my proposal (my supervisor is so unhappy). Last two days, while having lunch which my "brother" I heard a small "pop" in my right ear, which almost made me blackout, all I know is that all around me was spinning, I can't even stand. Once I regained my balance, I went to doctor, and was told that I have inflammation in my ear due to fever. Two doctors in a week.

Yesterday, I made a decision, to just go back home to Seremban. Yesterday and last night were the best two days of my week being sick. My mum cooked because she said that I looked like I haven't eaten for a while, and I heard the voice of my sister gossiping away in the middle of the night while I was almost dozed off on the sofa. Up to this morning I am still unwell, but home is where the heart is, and I can even feel that my ear is getting better as well as my morale. 

That was the best decision ever, because there is no place like home. 


  1. Aw ... poor baby. I hope you are better now.


  2. I am. I went to the doctor for the third time coz my ear was bleeding. It seemed that it was caused by an internal infection.

    Hugs beb!!!